Sunday, August 3, 2008

How should an 18 year boy live in Sri Lanka

The life style of a boy in Sri Lanka is totally different from other countries. The reason I am telling this is because the situation people face is very weird. Many families in Sri Lanka are poor and there children seem to be very innocent without going to school. Especially a boy must have his chance to join a school, because in future the boy should have the opportunity to look after his parents. Boys must have there qualities to be educated for there future.

In Sri Lanka the problem is a boy gets into unwanted problems with friends and faces big troubles. An 18 year boy means that he should still continue school. This age is your ending of school after facing advance level exam. The situation now which is happening for an 18 year boy in Sri Lanka is very bad. Many disasters have happened in families and it looks terrible. Parents should be stricter for a boy. People who are addicted to Alcohol and cigarettes can be seen anywhere in Sri Lanka, So, when young boys see these kinds of things they get addicted to these very quickly, sometimes drugs as well. The boys who get addicted to drugs do many things which make any person angry. They rob they steal and sometimes kill as well. So, the parents should be able to look after children or else danger will more occur. Many disasters will have to face in future. Many boys who have got caught to unwanted problems are now in jails and police do ask for questions from them and hit them very badly for punishment. It’s so terrible. More trouble will occur if the society is not good. However, the 18 year boys are interrupted very badly and many problems are faced by parents.

The main thing to do is study well and be promoted to a great place. Show your strength for the society and be with the correct society. They should understand it. Always keep things for a limit, be patient and think twice before you do something. Find the good and do the good. Try to refrain from unwanted. Try to reduce mistakes and make people to appreciate you. Be comprehensive when you start to do something and make it satisfy you. Try the best to get out from the bad society. Do the thing you have to do.

The correct way for a boy to stay is join the school, approach to a target, have an aim to what you are hoping to do after school and get the help from your parents and reach the target you wanted. It will be better if you have the chance to go abroad and try to take your family members as well. It will be great for you and parents too. In the end you will be proud to yourself and as the same people will appreciate you for good personality. Parents will be more proud and they will live happily. A boy will be completed his life very happily. Being proud in the future is like resting in peace.

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