Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Find a Best Friend

Everyone wants to have a best friend. Friendships change over time and your best friend from childhood may not be someone you are close to anymore. And as we get older, it’s harder to form new friendships. Here are some ways to find a best friend.

Get out. You have to be out and about to meet new people. Join a club. Check if your local library offers book club meetings. Or take a class at your local community college. Meet people who have interests similar to yours.
Step 2

Network. The people you already know also know other people. Get your name out there! Persuse social networking websites like or but be careful about giving out too much personal information to people you meet online.
Step 3

Go to after work functions. If your co-workers occasionally go out for dinner or drinks, join them. The more you go out, the more you will be in touch with others. Attend work-sponsored parties or outings.
Step 4

Make the first move. That new person at work also may be looking for a new friends. Invite your coworker to lunch and get to know each other. If a new family moves into your neighborhood, offer to show them around town. People are always drawn to a friendly, outgoing person, so make that person be you!
Step 5

Participate at your children’s school. Hang out with the parents of your kid’s friends. Volunteer for school functions and you will meet plenty of people.
Step 6

Move to a new neighborhood. If you haven’t made any friends at your current address, change the location. Sometimes a move is all it takes to get you in sync with new people.